The Power Hour : The Future of Nightlife Post COVID-19

Q1. Are the restaurants opening in after the 4.0 lockdown?

A1. As per the guidelines of the government, restaurants have begun to re-open from Monday, 8th June. Restaurants have been permitted to open, under restrictions and SOP’s prescribed by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Restaurants who serve liquor are only permitted to keep their kitchen open. 

Q2. Are more nightclubs going to suspend operations until they are confident they can resume at 100%? 

A2. Each restaurant will take an individual decision, as every venue is unique in its size, layout, capacity and design. Keeping the guests’ safety as priority, each restaurant will have to plan accordingly until they are absolutely confident of opening their doors to the public once again. Moreover, it is likely that restaurant owners will learn to adapt and restructure the entire concept of nightlife according to the current situation. 

Q3. As a consumer I would also be thinking about the cost to risk the benefit of visiting a club or restaurant now. The risk of going to one of these joints and contracting the virus is very high, even with all the hygiene SOP in place all it takes is one slip up and the margin of error is very high. And most of us have lost jobs or had pay cuts. Going to party and spending money isn’t high up on the list at the moment

A3. There is no doubt that this is one of the worst economic crises we have faced and there will be a significant reduction in spending power. Nightlife will definitely take a big hit but eventually, once guests are confident of their safety, more and more will begin to venture out with caution. 

Q4. We are mostly used to the concept of nightlife. Considering the current situation and social distancing, shouldn’t we probably have the parties through-out the day? That way, we might be able to see a continuous business model, supporting both the hospitality industry and creating opportunities for artists.

A4. There will be a major shift in trends and nightlife. Outdoor seating will be popularised, more intimate gatherings and there definitely will be social distancing norms in place. Restaurant and venue timings will also change, which will lead to another restriction with regard to nightlife. Hence, the future holds enough uncertainty but once this passes – people will be eager to venture out again. 

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